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palmpulus.gifUpdates as of September 14th, 2007 - by aldweb 14/09/2007 @ 22:42

Updates as of September 14th, 2007

  • Release of PalmPulus version 3.1, the real time strategy game (which, by the way, was a great challenge for older Palm devices with which PalmPulus remains of course compatible) which finds some its sources in the well known Populous game which launched this kind of game, well many years ago when I was a teenager...

speedy.gifUpdates as of September 5th, 2007 - by aldweb 05/09/2007 @ 21:46

  • Release of Speedy version 6.4, the reference benchmark tool for Palm devices since 2001. Were added the benchmark value for the Handspring Visor Neo (yes, this is not a brand new device!) and the "one-handed" navigation feature.
  • I also updated the Devices Benchmark page which lists all Speedy results for a huge number of the Palm devices.

sysinfo.gifUpdates as of May 25th, 2007 - by aldweb 25/05/2007 @ 21:15

  • No, Palm is not dead yet (see my previous news which scared some readers who wrote me some e-mails full of anxieties), and I still work on this platform.
    As a proof of this work, here is a major update for SysInfo, which enhances one more time (SysInfo is updated since 2001 on a regular basis), this "Swiss knife" system tool for the Palm OS equiped PDAs.

tinybasic.gifUpdates as of April 30th, 2007 - by aldweb 30/04/2007 @ 22:27

After about 5 months without any update, here are a few new things on the aldweb Site:

  • The 11th of February, 2007, my web site was (already!) 8 years old.
    On the aldweb Stats page, you will see how this little site "above the limits of the desert" kept growing this year in terms of people visiting it.
  • For the fun of it, I worked back a little on my Tiny Basic interpreter (tiny, but downloaded a lot!), enhanced a few minor aspects and ported it to PP and NaPP, and also to Free Pascal.
    The Free Pascal version lets you then run it on your PC as well as on your Palm device.
  • Many people are wondering what the future of Palm will be... In this overall anxious mood, I decided to perform a quick test to see if my Palm applications would run smoothly within the StyleTap platform on Windows Pocket PC. The result is quite amazing and can be seen (with printscreens) in the aldweb Palm applications on a Pocket PC page.

speedy.gifUpdates as of December 2nd, 2006 - by aldweb 02/12/2006 @ 12:50

  • Release of Speedy version 6.3, the reference benchmark tool for Palm devices. Were added the benchmark values for the brand new Palm Treo 680.
    Thanks to Jérôme and "Guy Lux" from the french PalmAttitude web site
  • I also updated the Devices Benchmark page which lists all Speedy results for a huge number of the Palm devices.

izibasic.gifUpdates as of November 24th, 2006 - by aldweb 24/11/2006 @ 22:32

  • Uploaded various so called "PP applets" to add to iziBasic's features
    THANK YOU very much to bh77a, JoeV and Khertan for sharing their "PP applets"

lafac.gifUpdates as of November 17th, 2006 - by aldweb 17/11/2006 @ 22:32

  • Release of LaFac version 1.2, which is a is a tool to develop Palm software, running directly on-board of your Palm device, with 4 tiny programming langages: a kind of assembler, a Basic, a Pascal, a C

chrono.jpgUpdates as of October 17th, 2006 - by aldweb 17/10/2006 @ 23:55

  • I am happy to be the first person in the world to be able to provide you with the performance of the NaPP compiler for Palm 5 to be compared with the other development tools in the worldwide reference that my Bench2 benchmark page also is.
    What is NaPP? It is a brand new onboard compiler for Palm devices, to be released pretty soon. NaPP is written by the already so well known developer of PP. The main characteristics of NaPP is that it compiles native ARM code... and, wah, that runs fast! Thank you Philippe
    Note: the NaPP source code for Bench2 is of course available. Welcome to curious Palm developpers

vizibasic.gifUpdates as of September 20th, 2006 - by aldweb 20/09/2006 @ 21:40

  • Release of ViziBasic version 2.0, the add-on application to iziBasic which is made to design Palm applications' visual user interfaces.

speedy.gifUpdates as of September 18th, 2006 - by aldweb 18/09/2006 @ 19:44

  • Release of Speedy version 6.2, the reference benchmark tool for Palm devices. Were added the benchmark values for the Palm Treo 700p and the Aceeca Meazura.
  • I also updated the Devices Benchmark page which lists all Speedy results for a huge number of the Palm devices.
  • A few weeks ago, I added the Geolocation box (on the top right part of this page), which shows that you come to visit my web site from about everywhere in the world
  • I also added a new GuppY Top box (on the bottom left side of this page) and you are kindly invited to vote for my web site by clicking on the image here under:
    Vote for aldweb at the GuppY Top
  • I take the liberty of advertising for my little brother who decided to make an inventory of the French war memorials of First World War (1914-1918): you just have to click on the image with the brave soldier being rescued by a charming lady in the Weather / Spam / www box.

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