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active  Topic # 1629  Something weird is happening.

13/03/2009 @ 09:55
by Gary


I am in the middle of a program that solves triangles. So far every thing is working properly except for one little issue that is driving me crazy. First, there is a lot of calculations being done and they are working properly. I have it set up so the result is printed on a triangle I drew on the screen. The triangle on the screen is static, but the results have to move around a little to fit. For example, the results are printed on the screen in fraction form not decimal. Sometimes the result is in the form 3 ˝ and sometimes it's just 3, so I need to move the printed number just a little to keep it in position.

The problem I am having is when the number is a fraction like 3 ˝ it prints ok, but if it comes out to just 3 it prints it fine, but when it finishes printing it moves a different number that's in a different position and moves it out of it's original position.

When the calculations are done it leaves the number in decimal form and I have a sub procedure that takes the decimal number and turns it into a fraction like 3.5 decimal would turn into 3, 1, 2 and those numbers gets printed to the screen like this 3 ˝ .

I am using sub procedures with all the printing, for example:
GOSUB print_rise
GOSUB print_run
GOSUB print_hyp
When I enter 3 into RISE and 4 into the RUN then it prints 5 into HYP, but when the RUN turns out to be a single number like 4 it react kind of weird. It prints the 5 into the HYP properly, but moves the 4 that is already printed in RUN to a different position. How can that happen when I didn't call the print_run sub procedure? I calculated the HYP from the RISE and RUN and then I call GOSUB print_hyp.

It's been driving my nuts the only thing different in the way it prints a fraction like 3 ˝ and 3 is it moves the 3 forward a little. It seems to pass all the variables properly and calculates perfectly.

Anybody else have anything like this happen?

I do have a lot of A=this and B=that and C=A+B and I do use the A's, B's and C's multiple times, but they are always redefined in each sub procedure.


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Answer n° 1
15/03/2009 @ 10:17
by Gary


Never mind, I found the problem.
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Answer n° 2
15/03/2009 @ 13:27
by aldweb


Good news Gary

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