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active  Topic # 1606  Right Justify numbers in a Visibasic numberfield

01/02/2008 @ 10:17
by Gary


I have a few questions concerning VisiBasic and Bird.

1. How do you right justify a numberfield in VisiBasic?
2. How do you change the color of a button in VisiBasic and with Bird?

I tried to right justify a numberfield in Bird, but when I set Alignment to Right it does not stick.

I set all the parameters like this, Editable, Usable, Underline, Numeric, and Single Line with Alignment set to right, but the cursor is on the left when I use the numberfield not the Right.

I am also having some trouble with setfocus. I have a NUMFIELD #26 and SETFOCUS #26 isn't working on my program.

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Answer n° 1
04/02/2008 @ 14:08
by aldweb


Hello Gary,

1. if I remember well, you can't, this is some Palm OS limitation. Then ViziBasic does not offer the option (when Bird does, but it is only taken into account for text fields)

2. a little bit the same thing, it is not offered by Palm OS for an option for changing the button color, it will take system's default color.
The trick is then to use an IMAGEBUTTON (the image being the content of the button), or to draw an image underneath the button which is then created dynamically using the BUTTON statement.

About your issue with SETFOCUS, would you mind to send me a sample piece of source code in which you succeed to have the same issue?

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Answer n° 2
04/02/2008 @ 21:02
by Gary


Thanks, I understand now and I also sent you my code with the setfocus issue.

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Answer n° 3
10/02/2008 @ 20:44
by Gary


I've noticed that setfocus is working on my Treo 650, it points to the correct field, but it does not show a cursor in the field.

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