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actif  Sujet n° 1603  BASIC to C compiler

le 03/12/2007 @ 17:07
par nate weil


I actually had this idea a while ago, I wrote out the post, then didn't do it because it sounded completely silly and I figured you would find a million problems with it, but I talked to my dad about it (he knows how to program in C and all sorts of stuff) and he said it's a feasible idea, a good idea, and people have done it because it's a good idea. My idea is to have people write their program in izibasic, create a source code, then go to a special compiler to turn the BASIC into C, then we can use something like onboard C to compile it. This adds another step obviously, but by having a true C program the apps can be made waaaaaaaaaaaay faster. If you made this I think I would definitely buy it, as long as it's simple/easy to use. Also... my dad also said that it takes longer to compile a C program, the nice thing about BASIC is you can write and run fast, making for rapid development. So... don't get rid of the izibasic compiler, so that for actual testing if we want we can just compile it as a BASIC program, which will be slower but we can test things. I would reeeeeeaaaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy love it if you made this.
I see a marketing opportunity if you made a 3D modelling program. Just make one with the bare essentials, pretty much just simple shapes and a plane option that can then be modeled. There is only one out there, and it's B&W and doesn't even work on my E2, most likely not on anyones palm unless they have an old relic, and I would definitely buy that too if you decided to give it a price. Thanks for reading all this! (heheh, as if you actually did :D)
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