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active  Topic # 1597  sharing izibasic

04/11/2007 @ 15:46
by Nate Weil


Yesterday my brother suddenly decided he's interested in programming... he had done a little with Blitzmax on the computer but he wants to try izibasic now... do we have to buy another copy of izibasic for you to let him use it, or can I share my copy with him?
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Answer n° 1
05/11/2007 @ 01:14
by Nate Weil


I also have a problem... might as well post it here to save using another thread.
Here is a portion of my listing

if %taxpayer%>%house%*5 then

It returned a syntax error on the IF line... I found out that it's the *5 part thats the problem... The line works fine without it. Why can't I do simple math in my if line? I also found a workaround. I simply did this.

if %taxpayer%>A then

this works, but it's slightly painful especially when I'm used to doing the math without another variable... Comments?
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Answer n° 2
05/11/2007 @ 12:15
by aldweb


Hello Nate,

If your brother comes to use iziBasic on a regular basis, on his own device, he should buy his own iziBasic license. Now, to give it a try, I will of course not ask a lawyer to prosecute you!

To answer your issue, this is indeed a limitation of iziBasic: all tests with statements (like IF, FOR/NEXT, WHILE/WEND...) only work with 2 single operands being compared one with another.
This way of doing simplified the compiler, it also optimizes the compiled code a bit, but it requires a little more work on your side...

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Answer n° 3
05/11/2007 @ 14:50
by Nate Weil


Ok Thanks!
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