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active  Topic # 1594  A cool little bug

31/10/2007 @ 17:33
by Nate Weil


I'm not sure how legal this is, but I found a problem in a program called snapshot5 I believe... anyways it's shareware, in the demo version a line of text saying register now at or something like that, and this appears in a random location on your snapshot, ruining it. But I figured that [WEBMASTER REMOVED AN ILLEGAL TRICK TO BYPASS THE SHAREWARE NOTICE]. I know there are plenty of screenshot programs out there, but this one, being shareware, is a nicer one. It saves the images into it's database on the palm, you can view them in the program, flipping through them deleting them, or exporting them to a location of your choice on your card or palm. So a very nice app.
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Answer n° 1
31/10/2007 @ 23:33
by aldweb


No, Nate, this is not legal!
The author of this shareware could very well ask you a lot of money for having made public this bypass to his shareware notice.

So, I removed your trick, to avoid you some trouble.

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Answer n° 2
01/11/2007 @ 01:00
by Nate Weil


Ya I asked my mom and she said that too... oh well lol thx a million. But it's his fault he did such a simple registration thingie...
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