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active  Topic # 1593  Multi-screened programs and a bunch of text.

31/10/2007 @ 00:11
by Nate Weil


First, if you have a problem with me making tons of threads just say so and I'll stop.
Second, a lot of people say check the wiki or check the manual for this kind of stuff. I always check it as thoroughly as I can before asking these questions I'm just not very good at finding things. Ask anyone in my family. It gets pretty ridiculous at times lol.

Ok, lets start with text. In my new game that will be announced on my website soon, called corn warz.
It's the anticipated (:D) third installment of the BASIC Battle series, after Palm Skirmish. It will have a cool little introduction when you start a new game, saying why the corn war began. I still haven't had much experience with fields, and I couldn't find this in the manual. The intro is longer than the page, so how do I use a scrollbar to scroll through it? Thanks!

Second question...
This is a little hard for me to explain, so I'll try an example. If you've ever played Space trader, it has a lot of "screens", as in a display of certain buttons, like for the shipyard, or the map, or the upgrades, etc. I know that a button can be hid and shown, but then to my knowledge it's still active and people can still click on it if they hit it by chance. Is there a way to easily disable a certain group of buttons, and enable another group like maybe by using a for-next loop?
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Answer n° 1
31/10/2007 @ 17:20
by Nate Weil(new message)


I found out a way to take care of more than one screen, I was just tired at the time I guess it was 11:00 at night lol.

Second, though I'm still curious about how use a scrollbar to scroll through a lot of text, I know how to just use an advice box to display a bunch of text, so I can just use that.

And for those who may have the same question I did, here's how to make a game with multiple "screens".

destroy button #2
Button #1,"Button one",1,16,60,12

destroy button #1
Button #2,"Button two",1,16,65,12

Then just run through screen_one or Screen_two, and the other one will disapear and disable, thus creating different "screens".

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