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active  Topic # 1591  because I'm full of questions...

24/10/2007 @ 01:55
by Nate Weil


Guess who? It's me, the only person asking a million and one questions on this forum :D
I checked the manual, and didn't find anything on it. Does izibasic support bluetooth and IR?
And just checking a rumor... I thought I heard that src edit will have an izibasic mode soon? I hope so because that would be great :)
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Answer n° 1
25/10/2007 @ 15:14
by JoeV


Hello again Nate,

IziBasic has a BEAMFILE statement that can transfer files via IR. I have written some ppapplets that will allow you to transfer IR data (either raw bytes or IRCOMM protocol). These applets are contained in and may be downloaded on IziBasic's home page.

As far as I know, no one has written any bluetooth applets yet. Palm OS does have a bluetooth API library, so there is no reason why one cannot be written. This would be a good reason to learn how to write applets. If you decide to write them, please post them so they can be used by others.


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Answer n° 2
25/10/2007 @ 18:25
by Nate Weil


ok thanks :) mebe I'll fool with it sometime.
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