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actif  Sujet n° 1580  2nd try at iziBasic - How to get started? PRC files ?? etc?

le 22/09/2007 @ 14:43
par Will


I bought iziBasic right after the Palm TX's came out... a couple of years ago... maybe.

I had done basic programming a number of years back... both line code and Visual Basic.

I guess I did not know (and still don't) the fundamentals of programming for a Palm...

Seems there was a "Resource File" (or some such) needed for each program and you needed another piece of software to build that... and that software didn't have good explanations & examples... so I never "got it"

After fooling around awhile I set iziBasic aside... disappointed that I couldn't get it going.

I'm wondering if things may have changed...

Are there better tutorials with step by step instructions on building iziBasic programs including all the other stuff that is needed... like "Resource Files" or whatever they were ?

I would really appreciate some help as I would like to be able to build programs for Palm Devices.

thanks for any help.
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Réponse n° 1
le 22/09/2007 @ 16:53
par aldweb


Hello Will,

Good idea not to stay on a feeling that it is not possible! Everything's possible with some little time to dig into the topics.

The resources are nothing else but some things (windows, images, etc...) that the source code will use.

The user manual of iziBasic presents, thanks to a great 3rd party contribution, the basics of how to include the icons resources in a resource file that is then linked to an iziBasic source code.

Either RsrcEdit or BIRD have very similar user interfaces and features. There is a great start for a RsrcEdit user manual I could find right now after a few seconds of googling is here:

Once you get used to manipulate the user interface a little bit, you might want to read some of the tutorials I wrote (PP Tutorials) or the trick to change RsrcEdit using RsrcEdit (Customize RsrcEdit).

There is nothing too complicated, it is just a question to spend some time to understand the logics of using resources.

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Réponse n° 2
le 22/09/2007 @ 22:21
par Will



I got the notice of the free iziBasic upgrade. Is there a revised doc file in there with examples for beginners?

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Réponse n° 3
le 23/09/2007 @ 01:30
par aldweb



I don't know at what stage you quit and do not remember exactly when the user manual was upgraded in these areas.
Give a look to it, especially to:
> Appendix #1: Tutorial - my first iziBasic program
> Appendix #5: Tutorial – building and linking resources

The onboard resource editors, BIRD and RsrcEdit, are 3rd party tools. So, writing some other tutorials than the ones I already wrote (links given in my previous e-mail) is far away from my iziBasic scope...

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