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actif  Sujet n° 1569  iBSkeleton 0.9 framework released

le 08/08/2007 @ 21:15
par bh77a




Today version 0.9 of iBSkeleton is released. iBSkeleton is a source code framework for rapid iziBasic program development. It is also a great learning tool, demonstrating static and dynamic forms, menus,resource files, PP applets, etc.

You can download iBSkeleton here:

To use, copy the files to your palm, change program names and creator id's, insert necessary code and compile with iziBasic and PP.

* A more in-depth tutorial is in the planning stages right now.

There are a huge number of changes since the last release to this group, which was 0.3.

Plans for incorporation by version 1.0 are:
- ability to read/write preferences
- tutorial with sample application
- version that will compile with the trial of iziBasic (I think there are a few commands in there that won't work with the trial right now)
- plus a few tweaks, etc.

Hope that you enjoy. Please feel free to use it to study, use as a development tool, etc.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, etc. please e-mail me at bahoughton AT gmail DOT com

Kind regards,
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Réponse n° 1
le 12/08/2007 @ 04:37
par bh77a



Version 0.91 beta is now uploaded at

Main fix is change in the way strings are passed to the MESSAGEBOX command to eliminate a syntax error when compiling.
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Réponse n° 2
le 12/08/2007 @ 19:57
par aldweb


Hello Brian,

It's great to see iBSkeleton enhance over time.
For sure, a source code skeleton is often the most missing part when you want to start working with a new compiler.
And iBSkeleton covers this part brillantly. Then, I can only recommand to all iziBasic newbees to download it and study it. More trained developers will also interesting stuff in this code.

Thank you Brian, in the name of the iziBasic community.
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