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active  Topic # 1557  Transfer of and conversion of external files

09/07/2007 @ 16:43
by Roy sommers


I have a file in a Windows folder which was created with Power Basic and consists of a large number of text phrases. Is there any way to transfer it to an iziBasic program and convert it to the iziBasic file format?
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Answer n° 1
10/07/2007 @ 09:04
by aldweb


Hello Roy,

I guess that you would want to store all those text phrases in a data file (PDB file), and then retrieve them in your application for further use.

You have different ways for proceeding, here below are just a few options offered to you:
The easiest one might be PilrC which is a convenient PDB and PRC builder running on the PC.
You could also store your phrases in a DOC file (then using a DOC converter in the PC, like the one shipped in the iziBasic package), reading the DOC file and parsing the phrases can also be done in your application.
You could even copy & paste your phrases to Memos using the standard Palm Desktop tool, then reading and parsing the Memos with your application.

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