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actif  Sujet n° 1541  PP Applets in IziBasic

le 04/05/2007 @ 22:42
par Supertrucker


I wrote a simple function in PP (just learning how to use Pascal). My code is good, but I can't figure out how to get my code to use it. The documentation says it can easily be put into a resource file... how do I do this? I use Bird and Rsrcedit.

In addition to putting my PP 'Applets' in a resource file, the documentation says that the iziBasic code can be compiled ontop of the PP code. Help! I've got the code, now I just need to know the steps to get the izi and PP together!


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Réponse n° 1
le 04/05/2007 @ 23:59
par aldweb


Hello Supertrucker,

Good job, the final step will be easy.

In addition to Bird and RsrcEdit, I guess that you use Piaf to write your source codes and compile them.

Step by Step instructions #1
1. In Piaf, open your iziBasic source code
2. Launch compilation with the little hammer button, iziBasic opens and compile
3. Return to Piaf
4. Open your PP applet source code, check carefully that XXXX and nnn are correctly defined in the {$code appl,XXXX,code,nnn} line, as explained in the user manual.
5. Click one more time on the hammer button, PP opens and compile the applet
That's it, your application is ready to run.

Now, once your PP applet is finalized, you will want to simplify your compilation work, avoiding the PP applet compilation step. Here is how to proceed:

Step by Step instructions #2
1. With Bird (or RsrcEdit), open the last compiled version of your application
2. Copy the PP applet resource (that should be code nnn, with nnn corresponding to the {$code appl,XXXX,code,nnn} line
3. Click [Done], you find yourself back to the main window of Bird
4. Open your resource file for your iziBasic application (the one defined in the {RESOURCEFILE "resourceFile.rsrc"} line
5. Paste
That's all. From now on, you only need to compile your iziBasic source code.

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Réponse n° 2
le 07/05/2007 @ 04:36
par Supertrucker


Thank you! Everythings working great now!

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