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actif  Sujet n° 1518  Number Stack

le 05/03/2007 @ 16:56
par JoeV


Hello again.

My app is getting large, just over 16K out of 24,000 bytes available. Izibasic compiler says that I am only using 556 [+11] bytes of number stack out of 12,000. I recently received a “number stack overflow” compiler error. As per the manual, I changed some variables (only 3) to constants and that fixed the problem. Since I have more code to write, I expect to receive more overflow errors. (Maybe immediately after writing this email.) Perhaps I am writing code that inefficiently uses the numbers stack.

Therefore, my questions at this point are:

(1) 12,000-556>11,000 bytes that iziBasic needs for my app. Is this possible?
(2) How does iziBasic use the numbers stack beyond what my program variables require?
(3) How can I write my code to minimize the numbers stack usage, thereby reducing the chance of an overflow error in the future?
(4) Is there a way that I can monitor the stack's size so that I can be warned before an error occurs?

I know that's a lot to ask. As usual, any help is greatly appreciated.

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Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /web5/aldweb/www/aldweb_com/www/thread.php on line 497
Réponse n° 1
le 06/03/2007 @ 00:26
par aldweb


Hello Joev,

1) No, the code stack and the number stack are 2 different things.

2) It should not be used too much, mainly for complex calculations, but no more than 20 or so stack items, so you are far from the limit.
Make sure that you do not get an array index out of range when using the A() array...

3) With a stack of 12000 possible number values to store, you have plenty of space.
So there must be something in your code that exhausts this limit. I just cannot figure out what at this stage...

4) Yes, use the FRE function, with:
FRE(1) first free Number stack address
FRE(4) last free Number stack address
So, the difference between these 2 values should give you how your free stack evolves over time.
So just test it in various area of your source code and we might be able to isolate the area where something strange/wrong/weird occurs. From that point on, it will be easier to help you!

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Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /web5/aldweb/www/aldweb_com/www/thread.php on line 497
Réponse n° 2
le 06/03/2007 @ 01:43
par JoeV


Since I am only using 556 out of 12,000 bytes of the numbers stack, it must have been another problem, such as an array. Fre(4) should help me pin this down, should it happen again.

Thanks again, Aldweb.

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