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active  Topic # 1517  Lost code/file when created with ViziBasic

03/03/2007 @ 02:43
by Bob Maske


When I tried to compile a new program that was mostly created in ViziBasic, my LifeDrive crashed. After an automatic soft reboot I wasn't able to find my code/file using PIAF or iziBasic. I was still able to open it in ViziBasic, but not the other programs. Does ViziBasic have a separate version of the file that it works with? I ask this because I've lost changes in my code after making changes with other editors and then returning to ViziBasic to make more changes. Each time I exit the PIAF I save the file.

Any Ideas of what I'm doing wrong?
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Answer n° 1
03/03/2007 @ 04:25
by bh77a


Hi Bob,

The soft reset you experienced has to do with a problem of going to iziBasic after using a 8 bit color app, like ViziBasic. This problem occurs on the TX and LifeDrive and I think that it is a conflict with the "wifislip.prc" file/app (the app that provides the dia icon and controls). You can eliminate this problem by runnning YAHM and the hack "force16" by Alex Pruss. Keep in mind that if you have games that run at 8 bit color depth, which many do, their color schemes will be drastically and many times unsatisfactorily altered.

ViziBasic will only open proprietary databases, written especially for it. As soon as you generate source code, ViziBasic does not see the "doc" file created. This is why when you make changes to the source "doc" using PIAF, etc, then ViziBasic won't see the updated changes. ViziBasic is mostly meant to be a GUI prototyping app... from there you can generate a source "doc" and fill in the rest (correct me if I am wrong on this Aldweb).

Hope this helps.

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Answer n° 2
05/03/2007 @ 12:42
by Bob Maske


Yes, this helps.


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Answer n° 3
06/03/2007 @ 00:14
by aldweb


(correct me if I am wrong on this Aldweb)

No correction, this answer is very good

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