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active  Topic # 1480  Is iziBasic dead?

15/11/2006 @ 18:13
by Sascha Bohnenkamp



izibasic looks interesting
.. but no updates for about a year ... is the project closed or are there just no open features/bugs?

best regards

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Answer n° 1
16/11/2006 @ 04:45
by bh77a


Hi Sascha,

I do not believe that iziBasic is "dead". Aldweb (developer) has been working on improving the viziBasic add on editor. I do think that he is working on a new build (please do correct me if I am wrong).

Hopefully Aldweb will chime in and answer this for sure.

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Answer n° 2
16/11/2006 @ 22:06
by aldweb



Indeed, there have been no updates in the past year.

A few reasons to this:
1. iziBasic is quite mature, there are very few bugs in the last version (but those remaining are really nasty ones! ).
2. Good ideas to improve the tool are still arriving to me, but I believe that much more than 100% of what I wanted to put in this project has already been done.
3. I have been working on rewriting iziBasic from scratch (the compiler part, not the runtime one), to overpass some of its current syntax weaknesses. I worked on this beginning of this year and badly had to slow down a lot, to the point I decided to rather enhance the current build and forget about this rewriting attempt.
4. I also wanted to spend some time using iziBasic for myself, instead of spending all of my time enhancing it for others' needs. This is how I released a BrainF*ck interpreter (an esoteric language) earlier on this year, worked on an upgrade for ViziBasic, and many other applications non made public.
5. Add to this that I changed of job, moved to another place, "lost" my 2 hours of daily commuting (so 2 hours of coding in the train & subway)...

...and you will understand why there were no updates since one year.

Will there be some in the [near] future?
I just don't know.
This is a hobby project for me, on which I work whenever I have some spare time and willingness.

Hope this helps you understand.


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Answer n° 3
31/05/2007 @ 12:20
by aldweb



iziBasic is not dead.
Version 6.1 is on its way...
You may expect it to be released by end of June.

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