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active  Topic # 1479  Registration Codes in iziBasic Programs

15/11/2006 @ 15:52
by Garfield



I'm writing a program that I'd like to protect by requiring the user to enter a serial or registration code. Many programs do this - they allow you to download them but you don't have access to all the features until you enter the registration code which is calculated with your Hotsync name.

I have no idea about the algorithms used to do this. Any info on how to implement registration codes in iziBasic would be appreciated.

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Answer n° 1
16/11/2006 @ 21:51
by aldweb


Hello Garfield,

Well, all developers work on their own cryptic algorythms. If the algorythms were shared and known, most applications would be cracked without any effort. At least, hackers have to reverse engineer a little bit our compiled code to figure out where the algorythm is stored and bypass it.

More or less, here is what you have to do:
1. Find somewhere on the web an encryption (an easy and quick one, no need to spend hundreds of hours on this topic, your application will be cracked anyway!) algorythm, or design yours (much more fun!).
2. Manage that the HotSync name, being somehow converted by your algorythm ends up in some cryptic code, that will be the reg key for the user.
3. Store the information somewhere in the device, either in a file or in the Preferences.

I personally hate registration keys. I like to buy full working software, whatever I do with my devices. For instance, I use from time to time my old Vx (to test compatibility with older devices) and I chose some test user. Sometimes, I need to work with a shareware for a few days or weeks in this device. Do you think I like to find back my reg key, hotsync the device with the same user ID as my main device, etc... ?

This is why all my shareware applications are sold as full working versions. Of course, I know some people then forward them to their relatives or to some underground web sites. These will even sometimes complain to me, asking for upgrades! But I don't want good willing people suffer because of idiots.


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Answer n° 2
19/11/2006 @ 16:34
by bh77a


Hello Garfield,

One other point that I might add that Aldweb skipped over is that it is quite a nuisance for a user of a program if the registration is somehow tied to the device ID. Having to obtain a new registration per device is a pain, especially when the developer is less than cordial (not you Aldweb ;) ). I tend to stay clear of programs like this (although I do have a few) and many others do as well because of said nuissance.

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Answer n° 3
19/11/2006 @ 18:26
by aldweb


I agree 100% with you bh77a !


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