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actif  Sujet n° 1453  way to print white text on black background?

le 23/09/2006 @ 22:56
par Dave O\'Brien


For certain error conditions, I'd like to highlight text.

I currently use GPRINT with a foreground and background color, and that works well for color devices.

However, for older B&W devices (likely with OS < 3.5), the FG and BG colors are not supported (for example, my old Visor with OS 3.1).

Is there a way to print white text on a black background for these older devices?
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Réponse n° 1
le 24/09/2006 @ 17:56
par aldweb


Hello Dave,

First of all one needs to detect the screen capabilities: the SCREENMODES function will return the best screen mode available on the device. If a null value is returned, then this is a b&w device.

Second, the Palm OS native functions to set and retrieve front and back-colors only work with Palm OS >= 3.5, this is why I have GPRINT check not to work with Palm OS < 3.5.
But it would be easy to extend GPRINT in a next version of iziBasic, for backward compatibility, to draw in normal or inverted mode for old devices.

In the meantime, you may develop a quick PP applet, a little bit like the one I proposed before implementing GPRINT (but much easier and with less code in it), using the WinDrawInvertedChars Palm OS API.


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