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actif  Sujet n° 1442  Switch off white frame around the screen?

le 16/08/2006 @ 13:44
par Rob



I have used iziBasic to program a travel clock. It needs to remain on all night, and therefore should use as little energy as possible. I clear the screen with a black BOXFILLED 0,0 TO 320,320, and then draw a digital clock using a grey font to keep the light intensity down.

However, there always remains a white frame around the screen that is a few pixels wide. It gives off more light than my clock, and I suspect is uses more battery than the clock itself.

Is there any way to switch off this frame around the screen?

Thanks and best regards,

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Réponse n° 1
le 17/08/2006 @ 12:18
par aldweb


Hello Rob,

I guess that you own a Palm TX or a LifeDrive, don't you? I guess so because these are the only devices (as far as I know) that have this white screen border.
Dmitry Grinberg from PalmPowerups offers a free application on his website to remove this white screen border, search for FrameTX on the following webpage:

If you draw some grey stuff on a screen with a black background or if you draw some blue stuff on a screen with a red background should not make much difference in battery use. Same thing for the white screen border or a black screen border.
This is why the auto off timer is set to a small delay: usually varying from 30 seconds to 3 minutes in Palm's default preferences (with my SysInfo shareware, for instance, you may extend this timer to much longer values, up to never auto off).
What matters is the brightness intensity applied to the screen, and, of course as explained above, if it is on or off.
Daniel Seifert, from 79bmedia has a nice utility called Energy Dimmer ( which offers to manage the brightness and auto off setting in a smart way by using profiles.
Dmitry Grinberg has another free hack to remove the lower brightness limit, to get a very dim screen. Search for brightnessFix (or brightnessFix.tx you own a Palm TX) in the previous link.

Note #1: I never tested Dmitry's hacks myself, so I cannot guarantee they work fine. But I know well enough Dmitry to be very confident in linking back to his tools.
Note #2: Daniel's Energy Dimmer worked fine on my device for the length of the trial period, I did not buy it afterwards because the standard dimming capabilities of my Tungsten C were enough for my needs.

Now, may I ask you a few questions in return? (I am very curious...)

I also use my Palm device as a night clock (and wake-up alarm in the morning). I just press the hardware button assigned to display the clock and let it turn off automatically after 3 minutes.
So, why does your clock have to be on all the time?

Do you plan to sell it? If yes, please keep me informed so that I can give it a try. If not, would it be possible to get a copy of it? (I am always amazed to give a look to all these beautiful and great applications made with iziBasic! ).

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