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active  Topic # 1430  How to test in Emulator/Simulator?

22/06/2006 @ 18:47
by Colonel Kernel


Hey, my baseball scoring app, Scorer, is done, but I want to test it in the Palm's Emulator and Simulators before I release it.

But how do I get my app into them?

I've found how to create a ROM of my Treo 650, but that shouldn't work in the Emulator.

Is there some way to do a virtual Hot Sync?

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Answer n° 1
23/06/2006 @ 18:07
by Colonel Kernel


Drag and Drop. It couldn't be simpler.

Just drag your PRC onto the Emulator/Simulator and it's installed.

But, oddly, you can't have the launcher open when you do it.

Even though I answered another of my own questions, it's good to have this forum to ask them. At the very least, I've helped someone else later on.

For me, I blame that damned Atlantic Ocean. When I ask my question at 8 PM, in Boston, Massachusetts, Aldweb, etc, in Paris, are already asleep, forcing me to poke around a bit more.
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Answer n° 2
24/06/2006 @ 14:24
by aldweb


Hey Colonel Kernel,

It's great to wake up, having nothing to do to help you and knowing that you are sleeping like a charm after you solved all of your issues by yourself


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