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actif  Sujet n° 1429  A vizibasic suggestion....

le 21/06/2006 @ 22:12
par Adi Corrales


Well, this is just an Idea that I had while working... I Just wat to share it with you just to see if it is possible that see it in vizibasic someday:

I notice that the way of work with izibasic and vizibasic is only "one way" I mean, I draw my form in Vizibasic, generate the code and then I should go to piaf to complete it... But If I change my mind in the location of a control, or want to add one, I need to do it directly in code, because Vizibasic does not read my modified .ibas file, so he does know that there are some extra code in it. If I add the control and regenerate the code, my changes are lost, so I have to open my "backuped" original .ibas and copy and paste the modificacions...

It is possible to add a small button in PIAF that open vizibasic with my code (the one that I modified), in order to speed up my edition? or it is just a dream?.....

The idea is that If I open the .ibas with vizibasic, the code under _ButtonX goes to the _ButtonX onEventCode form, the variables definitions (DIM) and all that things must go to headings code and so on... I know this could be a little tricky, but as I said, I lost nothing just to ask and it could made coding mor efficient


Adi Corrales
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Réponse n° 1
le 24/06/2006 @ 14:22
par aldweb


Hello Adi,

This is a dream but it will not become reality, just remain a wonderful dream.
But we need to keep dreams, don't we?

Nevertheless, you may still get the same result in a few steps. Proceed this way:
Once you get your first good looking form, save your ViziBasic generated iBas file to another name. Work on this master file to enhance your application.
Whenever you need to work back your form, work with the original file, generate the iBas, copy & paste the appropriate changes to your master iBas project file.

Moving back and forth from PIAF to ViziBasic can easily be done with the Switch5 application (by Mark Tamura).


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