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actif  Sujet n° 1409  Subroutines in diferents files?

le 18/05/2006 @ 01:11
par Adi Corrales


Hi everybody.... I going to start a "small" app (small, but it is going to be a big one in the future!) And I want to know if there is a way to have many subroutines in differentes .pdb files, or in diferents .ibas files In order to keep organize. I'm planning to do a wargames assistant with the option of include an AI in the future, so, by now, I want a turn recorder and a Unit recorder. I know I can do this in a simple file, but in a future, when this turn big and I include a map, the AI, and some other things I have in mind, I would like to keep every aspect of the program in a diferent file, in order to keep maintainability (What a word! is that correct?) easy to me, and in the way I can implement ideas in an easy way, and if it does not works, put out the project easily. In this way, I would like to maybe have a different form in each "file" (subroutine), for example, one form to control turns (and one file) One form to control units (and the second file), etc... is that possible?

Thanks for your help!
(and I'll be bother you all when I start coding... by now, I'm just planning the mechanics of the wargame....)
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Réponse n° 1
le 18/05/2006 @ 04:10
par bh77a



Yes, this should be possible with iziBasic's CHAIN statement. To see it in action, check out Aldweb's excellent example iB_Address (the 2 memos version) in the iziBasic archive at (iziBasicFull60|Examples|GUI Apps|iBAddress|2 Memos).

Hope that this is what you are looking for.

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Réponse n° 2
le 18/05/2006 @ 15:26
par aldweb



Yes, the CHAIN statement is the right way to proceed. For example, ViziBasic itself (that you guys use) is quite a big application, with not less than 6 CHAINed modules.

iBAddress (2 CHAINed modules) and Numerus (3 CHAINed modules) are indeed good starting points to understand the way CHAINing modules works, since these 2 applications are provided with their source codes in the case of a ONE segment only or n segments coding. Compare the two, and you will get the trick of how to CHAIN modules of code.

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