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active  Topic # 1403  Textfields & Scrollbars

05/05/2006 @ 09:12
by Garfield



I'm writing a program in which I want to display quite a bit of information on a page. Ideally I'd like an uneditable textfield with a scrollbar which I could populate with the text and allow the user to scroll down.

Unfortunately I can't see how to do this. The TEXTFIELD$­­$­­ statement will not include a scrollbar (any text beyond the size of the textfield gets lost), and I can't see any other way to display the information.

I can create a Form in a resource file and include a Textfield which I can select as uneditable and include a scrollbar, but then the only way to populate this field is with the UPDATEFIELD statement, but this will not let me pass the full text because of the limitation of variable size. This may have worked if there was such a thing as an UPDATEFIELD$­­$­­ statement.

What I would ideally be after is something similar to the ADVICEBOX statement but able to populate a textfield instead, with an optional scrollbar if the text exceeds the size of the textfield.

Can anyone help with how to achieve this?

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Answer n° 1
06/05/2006 @ 17:18
by bh77a


Hi Garfield,

I have come across no way to do this with a text field (doesn't mean it can't be done), but I have been rather satisfied with defining a string resource in with Bird in my resource file and then having the ADVICEBOX statement call it. If the string exceeds the screen, scroll arrows appear at the bottom and allow the user to navigate the information.

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Answer n° 2
06/05/2006 @ 19:19
by Garfield


Hi bh77a

Thanks for your info.

I thought this was the case, and I may have no choice but to go down this route.

The only thing was that I wanted to display a small diagram in the bottom half/third of the screen with the scrollable text explaining the diagram in the top half/two-thirds. The ADVICEBOX statement unfortunately won't let me do this.

Laurent, are you there? Would scrollable textfields be something worth including in a future version?
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Answer n° 3
06/05/2006 @ 20:55
by aldweb


Hello Garfield,

Yes, I am here of course

You may use TEXTFIELD$­­$­­ too with up to 4KB characters (see MegaString paragraph), for long texts rather than TEXTFIELD$­­ which is limited to 63 characters.
Scrollbars are not natively attached to objects in iziBasic, you have to monitor them with some code.
In your case, you have to know the length of words/lines and adapt the content of the TEXTFIELD$­­ (or TEXTFIELD$­­$­­) accordingly. This is not very easy yet because there is not any function returning where the caret is in a field. So, some PP applet would be required at the moment to get this kind of information. This is something I know and I have it somewhere in my to do list for a next release of iziBasic...


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