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active  Topic # 1364  [Q] Presenting a dialog to ask a question

19/02/2006 @ 01:03
by Eric Gorr


With the MESSAGEBOX function, one can present a dialog box to the user to ask a question, but the answers are limited to the buttons one chooses to present to the user.

I was hoping for a function that would present a dialog box to the user to ask a question, but allow the user to enter their own text...basically a dialog box with an input field.

Does such a function exist?

I can, of course, redraw the screen with just the input field visible and an OK/Cancel button, but I would find this kind of interface suboptimal.
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Answer n° 1
19/02/2006 @ 18:43
by aldweb


Hello Eric,

This function is not offered in native by iziBasic. But you can easily build it yourself:
1. design a form in a resource file with Bird (or RsrcEdit), with the input field and whatever buttons or controls you wish
2. add this form in your application with the RESOURCEFILE compiling directive
3. use OPENFORM to open the form, design an event trap routine for it, close it with CLOSEFORM

That's all folks

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