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active  Topic # 1361  PRINT & SETFONT

10/02/2006 @ 00:01
by Nevin


Hi again...
I am having problems setting the font for PRINT statements. Is there any way to set the font of PRINT statements to a larger font? I do not want to use GPRINT, a LABEL or a BUTTON is there a way?

Maybe I am too picky.

Thanks again,
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Answer n° 1
10/02/2006 @ 23:20
by aldweb


The console mode of iziBasic works with one font only, the one defined by iziBasic itself, according to the device's capabilities and the CONSOLEFONT compiling directive, and it can be:
1. a small size fixed width font
2. or a large size fixed width font
3. or the standard font
So, the PRINT statement will only work with this font.

So, there is no other way but to use a LABEL or GPRINT... sorry.


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Answer n° 2
11/02/2006 @ 05:22
by Nevin


I have looked at the manual, but I am not quite sure how to set the font to "2. large sized width font" how do I go about setting this COSOLEFONT, SETFONT or FONTSELECT?

One more question...

Is there anyway that TEXTFEILD$­­ can return similar to INPUT"",A$­­ where you can use a keyboard key or keystoke rather than pressing the onscreen Enter button?

The problem that I am having is that I would like to be able to view text in a larger size while using the INPUT[c/t]c/v below. For some reason, when I use any other method of displaying text (LABEL, GPRINT, ect.) besides PRINT the display is blanked with the INPUT statement.

I know this is a picky problem that may not have an easy solution if any. But thanks for your help.

I Love Izibasic.
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Answer n° 3
11/02/2006 @ 15:42
by aldweb


Hello Nevin,

Basically the Console mode and the GUI mode should not be mixed.
1. either you develop an application in Console mode with "basic" PRINT and INPUT, and you let iziBasic manage "automagically" the display font;
2. or you develop a more sophisticated user interface and may play with SETFONT just before drawing or refreshing an object like a LABEL or a TEXTFIELD.

A standard GUI form expects the user to input some parameters (text in a TEXTFIELD, check in a CHECKBOX, and so on), before validating the entry with a [OK] button or canceling the input with a [Cancel] button. You will see that most applications are designed this way, in Palm, in Windows, in Linux...

To my knowledge, PalmOS does not offer an option to track each single character when they are keyed in a TEXTFIELD (because of the above assumption), so there is no way I can imagine to answer your friendly "one more question"

I Love Izibasic.
Thank you, this is always a pleasure for me to read such a sentence.


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