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active  Topic # 1330  What PalmSource Developer Stuff do I need ?

17/12/2005 @ 21:21
by Will_3


OK, I've been to the PalmSource site to download their PC based development software...


But... which actual downloads do I need to compile, debug and test iziBasic applications on my PC?

Under Popular Developers Tools I see...

1 Palm OS Developers Suite
2 Oalm OS SDK
3 Palm OS Simulator
4 Palm OS Desktop

When I click on any of these there is tons of other stuff... Makes your eyes roll back in your head.

I would like to know exactly what files I need withoug haveing to sit here for hours and hours reading PalmSource Marketing mumbo jumbo :)

It looks like the Developers Suite may have everything... is this true or is this overkill or just wrong? Can I just download that one file (271 Mb) and get everything I need... or what?

It would sure be helpful and save me a bunch of time if you guys could tell me which actual files I need to download and install...

AND, I guess I want the stuff for Garnet as I hear Cobalt is not being used... right?

thanks for any help...

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Answer n° 1
19/12/2005 @ 13:12
by aldweb


Hello Will,

What you need is:
1. The SDK if you plan to code PP applets, otherwise not needed as iziBasic does all of the hard low level coding
2. The Simulator for Palm OS 5 testing
3. and, eventually, the Emulator for Palm OS 4 backward compatibility testing

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Answer n° 2
21/12/2005 @ 01:21
by Will_3



Once I put the Palm Simulator on my PC I can run my compiled applications for testing on the PC but...

how do I compile the iziBasic source code on my PC ?

... the iziBasic Compiler is on my Palm TX.

... can I install iziBasic on the Simulator?

thanks for the help.
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Answer n° 3
21/12/2005 @ 18:36
by aldweb


iziBasic being a Palm application, it has to be installed in the Simulator and compilation will be made in the Simulator after you drag and drop the source code file(s) and eventual resource file in the Simulator. Or, you may import them in the Simulator as explained in iziBasic's user manual (using the AutoLoad/ directory).

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