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actif  Sujet n° 1317  NekoCat Files

le 08/12/2005 @ 03:11
par Will_3


I see the following files on my PC when I unzip the NekoCat example...

1 NekoCat.prc - the application itself
2 NekoCat.PDB - data file used by the app
3 NekoCat_rsrc.PRC - resource file
4 NekoCat_ibas.TXT - source code

Do I have all of these defined correctly?

To study the example I guess I put all except the txt file on my Palm... right?

I installed the NekoCat application earlier and only see NekoCat.prc on the Palm right now...

So I guess it doesn't need the PDB file or the Resource file to run... right?

How does NekoCat do the actual animation? My guess had been that the program manipulated a few graphic files... but I don't see them on the Palm.

I'll print the source code tomorrow so I can study it... been awhile since I've programmed... this should be fun.

thanks for the help.

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Réponse n° 1
le 08/12/2005 @ 04:20
par KTimaster


Wil... First you just need the .prc file to run the application. Aldweb had a good idea with the source codes... He included the source in the form of a text file so it can be viewed and printed on the Pc... However if you want to compile the application, All you have to do is move the the .pdb file and the rsrc(resource) file and compile it with izibasic as normal.
As for How the code works... IT will be no fun If I told you everything. Open the source file and study it and take a peek into the resource files(specifically the tbmp ones) and you will find the secrets...
As usual If you have any questions about specific parts of the code... pop back in and ask away, or shoot me an e-mail and I will be happy to help
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