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active  Topic # 1298  Console mode: Problem printing wider than screen

25/11/2005 @ 00:27
by Richard


I was surprised to find that my program stopped working when I tried to print beyond the width of the screen.

for i = 1 to 100
a$­­ = str$­­(i, 0)
print a$­­;:print " ";

To fix this I needed to use the SETFONT and then use the FONTWIDTH function to keep track of how close I am to the edge of the screen.

Hope this helps someone else,

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Answer n° 1
25/11/2005 @ 09:12
by aldweb


Hello Richard,

This is strange, because iziBasic is well able to print beyond the width of the screen. For instance, it does use the same routine itself to display the source code lines in Verbose mode. And source code lines can be much wider than the screen width!

Nevertheless, thank you for the information, I will try your source code. It might be a side border effect.

If you use the console fonts of iziBasic (see the appropriate compiling directive), you will see that all characters have the same width. Then, no need to go for the smart way you used, but you can work the quick way: count the number of characters on the line.
Your way of doing is smarter because it will always work, either with a non-fixed-width font or with a fixed-width font, and some old devices cannot work with iziBasic's fonts.

Now, I have to say that the console mode, in iziBasic, is quite rough and I did not spend hundreds of hours developing it. It is mainly available for quick prototyping or debugging purposes. Usually, we would use GUI components in a Palm application


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