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active  Topic # 1256  Inline Asm?

10/09/2005 @ 08:31
by Ktimaster


I see in the izi Guide there is a command called CALL(. According to the guide this can call Asembler-like Functions. Could this (in a sence) be a work-around to add functions that are not yet implemented in iziBasic? I have created Programs in Z80 Asmbley in the Past.
There is a Strict note not to use this until you provide instructions on How to use it. Is there any way you can create at least an example or Put some thought to add a True inline Asm Command?
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Answer n° 1
10/09/2005 @ 12:07
by aldweb


iziBasic's technology is:
- a virtual machine running p-code tokens
- a compiler to translate a Basic source code to p-code tokens

This has advantages and disadvantages:
+ easy syntax (give a look to the Palm OS APIs and compare it to the iziBasic syntax, you will understand!)
+ all of the low level code and hard stuff was coded by me (a single OPEN statement in iziBasic is something like 50 or 60 lines of code in iziBasic's virtual machine)
- closed to the virtual machine frame, so to the syntax defined, therefore difficult to expand

To balance this disadvantage over the 2 main advantages, I opened iziBasic to what is called PP applets.

Then, the explanation for the CALL statement is:
Call an assembler-like subroutine at address v|n in the code stack.
=> "assembler-like" because it should follow the p-code tokens structuring, so not real assembler 68k or ARM tokens
=> "in the code stack", meaning in the virtual machine code stack

The real workaround to adding functions not yet implemented or that will not be implemented because too specific is to use "PP applets" with the syntax of the Pascal language (until I am explained or take to time to see how to deal with "OnBoardC applets"...).

iziBasic itself is 100% coded with PP, which is by far the most powerful onboard compiler (but, as a counterpart, it is less easy to use than iziBasic), able to build native ARM code to 68k DragonBall code.

And, from a PP applet, you may use inline asm commands. But, I doubt that it would be of any real interest...


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