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active  Topic # 1247  Clipboardput Limit ?

11/08/2005 @ 13:38
by Bosse Fischer


Hi, ISIBASIC is Fantastic, I Love it!

But have a need of transfer 2 (or more) full stings to the clipboard before ending my program. It semes to be just one string possible.. any sudgestions ?

love to have this but..
clipboardput a$­­ ;
clipboardput b$­­ 'add this too
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Answer n° 1
11/08/2005 @ 16:53
by aldweb



First of all, thank you for your nice comment about iziBasic, it is always to read nice comments like this one

For the time being, there is no "native" way to do what you ask for.

I will think about extending the clipboard functionality in the next release of iziBasic (to be released in September), by:
1. putting wider strings to the clipboard thanks to the MegaString (with 2 new statements: CLIPBOARDGET$­­$­­ and CLIPBOARDPUT$­­$­­). Since the MegaString is 4 KB big and the clipboard can hold up to 1 KB of data, that should be far enough
2. and/or creating a new CLIPBOARDADD statement to append some data at the end of the current data put in the clipboard. This would require OS 3.2 or up (so not available for OS 3.0 and OS 3.1).

Meanwhile, the only way you have is to write a "PP applet" to do it.


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Answer n° 2
15/08/2005 @ 08:45
by Bosse Fischer


Thank you! You made my day.. can hardly wait for the next release!
Keep on the good work!
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