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active  Topic # 1219  text input to equation

24/06/2005 @ 17:41
by nard


First of all, Hi. Great little program! My question, hopefully, is simple ( haven't done much programming in many years). If I hard code the equation "y=x^2" my little graphing program works. Is there an easy way to input this from a text field? I would like to change "x^2" to "x^3" or
"sin(x)" etc., without recoding the
program each time.
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Answer n° 1
24/06/2005 @ 23:01
by aldweb


Yes, this can be done.
BUT, it will require you to code a complete math parser in your application which will have to interprete the equation written in a text variable on the fly.
This is, from my point of view, a very challenging so a very interesting work to achieve

And, you are the lucky one! Indeed, in the next release of iziBasic, there will be a new sample program which does include such a math parser

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