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actif  Sujet n° 1218  iziBasic on Palm's LifeDrive

le 24/06/2005 @ 11:14
par Martin


When selecting Piaf as the Editor for iziBasic, try to edit a file, it crashes and has deleted all the saved preferences.
Select Piaf, and immediately leave iziBasic cause also a crash, but after that it works fine.
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Réponse n° 1
le 24/06/2005 @ 22:48
par aldweb



This is strange indeed!
I did all the same things in the LifeDrive simulator (I badly do not own this great device, I stay sticked to my Tungsten C with its keyboard... which was so useful to code iziBasic ).
And I got no crash, no trouble at all.
I still don't even know how iziBasic could delete all the Saved Preferences as it only accesses in read/write its dedicated Preferences.
1. either I missed something in your process you followed and did not proceed exactly like you ;
2. or only the real LifeDrive has a trouble and not its simulator ;
3. or there is something else which is not by force linked to iziBasic itself, and I think this 3rd option is the most probable (because of the Saved Prefs deletion which is a good clue...).

Nevertheless, it is worth doing some more work on this issue you have, to really find its reason. Of course, I will try to help even though it is often very hard to find the origin remotely working on a simulator.

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Réponse n° 2
le 25/06/2005 @ 22:23
par Martin


Hi aldweb

I don't think it was iziBasic which deleted the "SavedPreferences". In my opinion this was a side effect of the crash. I think also Palm's LifeDrive OS is not that perfect it should be.
I have had some other strange effects with
other applications.
Finally it seems, all is working fine.

Many thanks for your answer.

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Réponse n° 3
le 06/10/2005 @ 12:41
par Mike


I have a LifeDrive as a 'temporary replacement' for my T5 (which is being repaired) and have had no problems with either iziBasic or PIAF. (I provide this information just to reassure aldweb you understand!)
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