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actif  Sujet n° 1215  The ibClock demo (with iziBasic)

le 16/06/2005 @ 02:19
par Netzley


I had a couple quick questions about the "ibClock" program that comes with the examples in iziBasic. I assume aldweb will answer, but if anyone elso know, please tell me.

#1: One of the first things that is run (although it's at the end of the program) is:


These are not setup anywhere in the program that I can find. What does this statement do and how does it do it without first delaring what they are?

#2: Why are there several LABEL statements that have a closed quote ("") in them like this...

LABEL #1,"",55,1

Wy would you want to put these labels all over the screen when they don't appear to do anything?
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Réponse n° 1
le 16/06/2005 @ 11:01
par aldweb


Hello Netzley,

Sure that I will answer
Being the developer of this application, I am maybe the only one who really knows what was in my mind when I coded it this way

First, I have to thank you and to congratulate you for analysing this source code (and maybe others?). I indeed believe that the best way to learn a programming environment is to dig deep in some sample source codes.

Now, to come to your questions:

#1: This is a mistake I made, indeed this is of no use. It must remain from a previous version or a test where Y$­­ and Z$­­ were used.

#2: There are basically 3 ways to update a label.
LABEL #1,"Hello",55,1

LABEL #1,"Hello",55,1
LABEL #1,"Bye",55,1

LABEL #1,"Hello",55,1
DESTROY #1 : LABEL #1,"Bye",55,1

In #a, the label is created once at the right place, then you only update its text value whenever it is needed.
In #b, the label is created a first time. Then it is automatically deleted by iziBasic (this is smart, isn't it?) before being created a second time with the new text.
In #c, the label is formally removed before being created back. This is not required because of what I wrote for #b.

iBClock uses the #a version, and there are several reasons for doing so:
- it is faster at runtime
- you don't have to remember the label position each time you want to update its text
- the deletion of an object generates a crash in old Handspring devices (see the comment regarding this topic, DESTROY statement in the user manual)

Then, in iBClock some labels are being initiated with an empty string before being updated later on (to display the different times in different formats).

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Réponse n° 2
le 19/06/2005 @ 03:37
par Netzley


I agree with you on studying source code. It's like learning a language by speaking, as opposed to just reading the dictionary.
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