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active  Topic # 1214  BIRD resource editor

15/06/2005 @ 19:44
by Netzley


Does anyone know where a manual to the BIRD resource editor is? I have used RscEdit and want to try it out, but I can't seem to get past the first screen! After you select the file to open a resource on, there is no button or menu item to open it to adjust the icons etc. In RscEdit, you selected 'OPEN', but I can't find a similar button.
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Answer n° 1
16/06/2005 @ 10:31
by aldweb


Hello Netzley,

BIRD is part of the PP project and, even though the iziBasic project has very tight links with the PP one (because iziBasic is being developed in PP, because the author of PP is a very good friend of mine, because I was the very first PP fan ever, because the PP web site also uses my GuppY portal technology and, finally, because I host the PP web site), it is better to ask for support for BIRD on the PP web site which has a dedicated forum for it.

Nevertheless, there is no manual yet for BIRD (any volunteer around?). The main trick to know is that there is no open button in most screens, it is replaced by a double stylus tap (just like a double mouse click on a PC).

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