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active  Topic # 1201  Zodiac problem?

27/04/2005 @ 17:45
by Malcolm Abbott



I just switched from a T3 to a Zodiac2, and seem to have a problem with iziBasic on the Zodiac. Not sure if it's the device or the result of a recent iziBasic update but I thought I'd ask if anyone else has noticed this...

When compiling a program, if your app already exists, the compiler will hand and a soft reset is required. Delete the existing app and it works fine. The crash happens after the dialog stating "<appname> already exists, overwrite?".

May just be my device, not sure. Any other Zodiac/iziBasic users out there?
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Answer n° 1
27/04/2005 @ 21:22
by aldweb



OK, so let's start by assuming the Zodiac2 is not guilty but that iziBasic is!

Could you check with a tool like FileZ that the iziBasic file is well named iziBasic.prc and not iziBasic_full.prc.
If this were the case, then rename it to iziBasic.prc and do your tests again...
If not, then we will have to think about something different:
1. First, send me a copy (taken from the last HotSync) of a compiled program giving you the error as well as your copy of iziBasic.prc
2. And I would have to dig in the source code


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