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active  Topic # 1193  a useful program for PC-1261 or other models

15/04/2005 @ 12:07
by jack torrance


hi !
my nickname is Jack Torrance.

i have written a useful program on my sharp PC-1261, that can make the dump of a range of memory addresses

this url has an example of its use:

and this url has the source code written naturally in basic:

i'd like to have some suggestions from you, because my goal is to write also a text editor, and perhaps a pascal compiler...

thanks for your attention !
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Answer n° 1
15/04/2005 @ 23:18
by aldweb


Hello jack,

Many years ago, I did the same with my PC-1360, a program that I called TOOLBOX.

I had also written a text editor, a kind of onboard macro-assembler (with its own set of opcodes, managing 16 bits numbers), but no Pascal compiler!
I still have to take the time to put down my notes and source codes (all in French) to provide them here.

As for a compiler, Simon wrote a great C compiler not long ago. As Pascal and C are quite close, I would advise you to give a look to his work (you will find a link to his web site here:


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