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active  Topic # 1171  Feature suggestions

16/03/2005 @ 00:13
by Joshua Cook


Hi, I am posting another feature suggestions/request. In attempting to emulate right-justification of text, I find that it would be very nice if we could have another event type. I would like to have an event fired everytime a character is entered in a text field. This would allow me to continually keep text right justified. It would also allow slick things like completion of a word (i.e. start writing the first letters of a word and the list could jump down to items that start with that word). In other words, all we need is for DOEVENTS to return another id (i.e. 1003=character input in text or number field). Is this under consideration? If not, could you please consider it?

Also, is there any consideration being given to having some sort of table support in the future? I think this would open up a whole new class of applications.

Thanks again for your support! I am having fun with iziBasic!
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Answer n° 1
16/03/2005 @ 00:21
by Joshua Cook


Actually, on further reflection, it would also be nice to have a GETFOCUS statement which would return the id of the text or number field that currently has the focus. This would allow you to justify the field after focus has left it. Please consider this also. Thanks!
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Answer n° 2
19/03/2005 @ 11:06
by aldweb


Joshua, you are very creative!
So, it will be difficult for me to follow your ideas of improvement

As for the character tracking, you currently have INKEY$­­. THen, each time a character is fired, and if you only have one TEXTFIELD (or NUMFIELD) in your form, you can, by programming the adequate routine, manange the update of this field.
Another way, also currently available, would be to have some kind of marker next to labels to tell the user that the keyed in characters will be applied to the given label and you also, by programming, update the value.

Tables are not planned at all for the time being... because they are a terrible and not easy work at all to perform.

Now, I understand your willing to masterize better events around the fields. I'll see how I manage with your desires


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