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active  Topic # 1163  How to implememt teh BackBuffer Screen to make games

11/03/2005 @ 22:54
by Lugato


Hi Ald,

I´m studying the palm API and found a nice thing :), in this url : have a article explaining how to use the "Offscreen Window".

I got the PP to try some ideas that I'm still thinking and in the download area exist a library called Blaze that use this methods to implement many things used in games, like sprites, copy rect area, screen buffers, etc maybe you can use some information that can be uses in iziBasic.

If u need some help count whith me :)

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Answer n° 1
13/03/2005 @ 19:31
by aldweb


Thanks Lugato.
I indeed had in mind to give a look to Blaze before starting to work on sprites.

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