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actif  Sujet n° 1153  Example of data file to be synchro with Excel

le 08/03/2005 @ 18:29
par Cyberpluton



Have somebody an example of Izibasic code, in order to show me how to generate a CSV file, and how to synchronize it with Excel.

Many thanks per advance
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Réponse n° 1
le 08/03/2005 @ 20:54
par aldweb


HEllo Cyberpluton,

Anybody correct me if I am wrong because this topic is not my "piece of cake"!

The Palm internal memory will not work with a CSV file, it will work with its internal databases structure stored in PDB files. So, a conversion process would be needed if you decide to store your main database in the Palm, together with its application.

Then, there are 2 ways to convert a PDB to a CSV:

1. On the Palm itself, storing the CSV to the external memory card (then to be transfered to a PC for direct reading by Excel).
One tool does it: PsDB (
So, it is possible
Please note that iziBasic is not yet able to work natively with external memory cards (Memory Stick, SD Card...), so accessing this storage area would require to write some so called "PP applets".

2. On the PC, reading the PDB file saved during a HotSync and converting it to a CSV file.
This is the principle of most applications which require synchronization between a Palm device and a PC. Most of them do it with a "conduit" technology, to retrieve and send data during the HotSync process.
But, then, the development is to be done on the PC, not on the Palm device and iziBasic is not really concerned.
So, again, this is possible


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Réponse n° 2
le 08/03/2005 @ 22:33
par Cyberpluton


Many thanks .
The solution Nb 2 seem to more simple !

To do that, do you know/recommand a simple conversion tool (PDB <--> CSV) ?

Best regards
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