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active  Topic # 1143  HanDBase supported ???

03/03/2005 @ 10:02
by Joaquin Agüera


Hi all !

Just wanted to know if HanDBase is supported under version 5 of iziBasic...

Any support on this ?

Thanks in advance !
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Answer n° 1
03/03/2005 @ 20:02
by Montalvo


Hi Joaquin!

As an answer to your question, I can say that iziBasic can not access directly the file format of HandBase. I mean, there's not specially designed statements or commands in iziBasic for this task.

Even other products like HotPaw Basic, needs the presence of HandBase (this is, the HandBase application installed AND registered on the PDA) to deal with any record operation (open, create, read, search, delete, etc.) because HotPaw Basic call special routines on this app. If the application is not present, then the commands will fail.

On the other side, if you know the exact format of the record (header) then you can try to research if the MegaString in iziBasic can be used to read and decode the info of the HandBase file. (I never try this before, so I don't know if it is possible).

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Answer n° 2
03/03/2005 @ 20:41
by aldweb



2 sample programs shipped with iziBasic, ToDos and MemoTitles, show how to read a database when knowing its format (ToDoDB and MemoDB in the case of the two sample programs).

If HandBase has special routines that can be called from an external program, then they can be accessed too from iziBasic, by using one or several "PP applets".


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