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actif  Sujet n° 1134  Can't get programs to show up on list in iziBasic

le 26/02/2005 @ 17:40
par Brad


I have a Treo 650 Smartphone and have installed iziBasic on it, but when I type in a program using the Memo Pad, it doesn't get recognized by iziBasic and iziBasic continues saying "no iBAS file" on its drop-down list.

In an effort to solve this problem, I downloaded SiEd (a text editor) and configured iziBasic to use it. I've imported some of the sample programs onto my PDA and iziBasic does not recognize them with a .txt extension, or even if I rename the extension to .doc, .ibas, etc. How on earth can I get iziBasic to recognize my sourcecode files so I can compile a program?

Thanks in advance for your help in this matter.
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Réponse n° 1
le 26/02/2005 @ 23:43
par aldweb


Hello Brad,

As for the Memo, I see 2 possibilities:
1. is due to you, if you did not put the very first line of your memo to this format: ' MyPgmName.ibas
2. is due to PalmOne, if, one more time, PalmOne did this stupid thing of not using the standard format for the Memo Pad database!

Anyway, using the real DOC standard format is the best thing to do, for many reasons (no size limit, sophisticated editors available, DOC format is standard, etc...).

And SiED is a good candidate.
As for your .txt file saved on a storage area, not in main memory, iziBasic cannot access it. Changing its extension will not do it either.
SiED has this great feature of being able to convert a .txt to a .pdb file (.pdb is generic for databases in Palm, inside will be a DOC format), to be put in the main storage area.
Then, iziBasic will be able to read it.

Here is a quick procedure to do it (I copy a .txt file from the SD Card to a .pdb in RAM):
1. File / Open: 1st line of the list is my external SD Card, I tick once on it
2. Appears the tree structure of the SD Card. I search for my file, that is a tick on a directory up to when I reach the file (like MyPgmName.txt) that I also tick and tick on the Open button
3. File / Save as: I find myself back in where I left in point 2. I tick on the up one level (up arrow + 2 points) until I find myself in the root directory.
4. There is one line in the bottom to choose a name. Here put something like MyPgmName.ibas, and click Save
5. Go in iziBasic, MyPgmName.ibas should appear in the list

Good luck, you are not far from the pleasure of compiling your first application!


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