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active  Topic # 1130  OFFTOPIC: Looking for a job as a Palm Programmer?

25/02/2005 @ 22:30
by aldweb


This other thread from Montalvo was missing. It ended up correctly in my mailbox (supervision e-mail) but was not displayed here.

aldweb Site - Forum Publishing at 25/02/2005 @ 02:26.
Submitted by : Montalvo
Forum Topic : iziBasic - New thread
Title : OFFTOPIC: Looking for a job as a Palm Programmer?
Message : Hi! This is an opportunity for those interested in a job as a:

Palm Senior Developer

This was posted on the iziBasic Yahoo group:

Dear Moderator of izbasic,
I am currently recruiting for a Palm Developer. If you would kindly forward my contact info to your members who may be seeking a new job, please let them know. TIA.

Best Regards,

Charles Jo
Account Manager / Recruiter, Inteliant Technologies
3000 Scott Blvd., Suite 107 | Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA
408.988.4484 Direct | 408.988.4964 Fax |
Active Jobs:

Theres no more info that I could provide, so interested people, please contact directly to Mr. Jo.

P.S. If this note is definitively off topic, then Aldweb, please delete it.

You see, Montalvo, I did not delete it myself, it just did not want to appear


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