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actif  Sujet n° 1123  Passing addresses to PP code?

le 22/02/2005 @ 17:54
par Steven


I'm starting to play around with PP and calling code from iziBasic. I'm not very comfortable with Pascal because I never really used it (C & Basic). But I managed to call the mandelbrot PP example program from iziBasic without too much trouble and the program that I'm working on could use some speed enhancement. The only way that comes to my mind right now is to pass the address from Fre(0) to the PP code to work on. I'm using the area above izaBasic as arrays. I'm not sure if the address passed would make any sense to the PP code though. Would it?

By the way, iziBasic is great! I don't program seriously but I like to be able to once in a while. With PIAF and PP and BIRD it makes a nice combination. Can't wait for version 5!

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Réponse n° 1
le 22/02/2005 @ 22:04
par aldweb


Hello Steven,

This is a very smart idea indeed: integrate an already made PP source code to iziBasic is the best way to learn how they can work together.

The address passed the way you explained would make no sense at all to PP, unless: I give you the internal memory organization and structure of the iziBasic virtual machine, so that you can access it directly from your PP module

This I would rather not do, for 2 reasons:
1. the less I give explanations about the internal structure of iziBasic, the less chances have your applications to be cracked if you build shareware applications with it.
=> So, reason #1 is for protecting iziBasic's developers
2. I also want to protect my intellectual property on iziBasic
=> So, reason #2 is self defense!

But, you have other ways to exchange data between an iziBasic core module and a "PP applet". For instance, I can think of (but there might be other ways):
1. Preferences
2. Buffer database (to be deleted at the end of the work)
3. Copy and paste from the clipboard (1KB of data maximum)


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