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actif  Sujet n° 1121  HelpNeeded : Reading entire string ...

le 21/02/2005 @ 14:23
par Khertan


Hi again.

I ve some trouble to parse a TaskDB-Ptod database ... it s the new todo database on T5 ...

My trouble is that the record contain many chr(0) ... so when i get the string with :

input #1,B$­­
or input$­­$­­ #1

the megastring and the string don t have the entire record ... it s stop to the first occurence of a chr(0) ...

how to round around ?
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Réponse n° 1
le 21/02/2005 @ 23:24
par aldweb


Hello Khertan,

I just checked my code and, indeed, both INPUT #1 and INPUT$­­$­­ #1 check for the first CHR$­­(0) and ignore all further possible characters.
This was made on purpose to avoid garbage characters like:
- remaining characters from a previous reading of the buffer
- or first characters of the piece of data stored after the current reading

Then, if I change this, I will have to clean the buffer each time, which is time consuming. And I will have no way to know where to stop reading, especially the MegaString so I will read all 4KB of data each time, not knowing how to separate the right one from the bad one.

I am just very surprised that Palm did this stupid thing of not using this so common habit of the CHR$­­(0) end of line code.
Then, they by force have to know somewhere the exact size of a record...
Sorry to say it, but this T5 device is really a "pain in the ass".

Let me think about a polite and clean way for you, my dear users, to work around this thing... because I am really confused right now!


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Réponse n° 2
le 22/02/2005 @ 07:29
par Khertan


I don t know why palmsource do this stupid things ... But what i know now is that all new Database File for the new PIM Apps seems to use two separate data files, the new ones with chr(0) charactere, and the old with the old format.

For example : the Memo
The old Memo database : MemoDB
The new one : MemoDB-Ptod

same thing for the task there are two file ... the new one contain the new feature that the old one don t have ...

so i ll do without and parse the old file.

Thanks for your answer
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Réponse n° 3
le 22/02/2005 @ 09:54
par Khertan


For the task it s ok ...

But for the agenda ... there are also two database ... but the two contain some chr(0) data ...

For the first data i ve in a record something like this :

08 00 17 00 CA 21 04

I think 08 00 is the start of the rendez vous ...
17 00 is the end ...

And CA 21 04 is about the date ... i don t know at this time how to convert to real date ... but CA 21 04 is the first january 2005. so i ll find ... :)

But come back to the reading problem ...

Erasing the buffer and Reading all the record will slow down heavly the processus of reading file.

I think the best way can be turn around with only two new instruction :

- FORCEDLOR(#v|c) : that obtain the real lenght of a record

- FORCEDINPUT #v|c,arg1,arg2,arg3
Where arg1 is the variable to store the reading string
and arg2 is the start in real of the reading file
and arg3 is the end in real of the reading file ...

So implementing a hard reading like this we can with some dev turn around the problem of the chr(0) ...

Ex :




IF A<>B C=C+1


Maybe wrong thing ... but what do you think of that ?
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Réponse n° 4
le 22/02/2005 @ 15:10
par aldweb


I think that it is a very good idea that you had and that it should be implemented somehow this way.

I will have to download the Tungsten T5 simulator which I guess is available at PalmOne to implement it... unless you do it with a "PP applet" in the meantime.
Then, it would ease my job to put it in the standard iziBasic.

As I am working on finalizing version 5.0 of iziBasic these days, I will need a week or so to get into this stuff.
So, dear Khertan, it's up to you: or you do the "PP applet" or you wait a little bit...

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Réponse n° 5
le 22/02/2005 @ 17:09
par Khertan


I think i ll wait for this ...

Because i can t dev with pp ... pascal is so far from me ... i hate a little it ... :)

Maybe i ll try if i have the time to do that ...

For info ... i ll try to parse all PIM application to make an home made Today Application that will include in the future some of my other product display.

At this time i make many project but no one is release yet. :)

In my dev plan i have :
- kBase a Simple Database (need sort and easy open database form and i will release an alpha version)
- kMoney a simple account manager with easy transaction writing without stylet.
- kWeather ... to get weather from the internet
- HeurePlus ... to manage additional hours at your work
- KalcObs a french application for "sage-femme"

it s many things ... and i m always learning iziBasic and PalmOS developpment ... but i think in 2 or 3 months i ll release some in final version.
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