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active  Topic # 1118  Can you rename a directory on SD card?

21/02/2005 @ 03:25
by Ed Toro


The RENAME command seems to do what I want but it is disabled in the trial version. I want to rename the directory /palm/backup to /palm/backup-{DATE} where {DATE} is some string constructed from the current day and month.

Is this possible with izibasic?

I'd rather not buy it to find it does not do this.

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Answer n° 1
21/02/2005 @ 08:33
by Mike F


I don't think iziBasic supports any form of card access at the moment so it's probably not possible.

(aldweb will correct me if I'm wrong!)
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Answer n° 2
21/02/2005 @ 11:12
by aldweb


Mike, your answer is the right one.

Currently, iziBasic does not support "natively" the access to external cards storage (the so called VFS storage, which the acronym for Virtual Files System storage).
So, RENAME only works for files in the main RAM storage area.

But, renaming a directory can still be done, using what I call "PP applets". Using the CALLPP$­­ function to access a PP code module could answer your request. But, you will then need to get into the internals of Palm OS programming, using the Pascal programming language.
Please read iziBasic's user manual in which I tried to explain as much as possible this "PP applet" stuff.

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