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active  Topic # 1071  pset is there a pixel erase

22/01/2005 @ 17:18
by Justin


hello, is there a pixel erase to go with pixel set. thanks for all your help.
can you use sprites on a palm?
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Answer n° 1
22/01/2005 @ 21:07
by Leonard Zajaczkowski


To erase a pixel, set the color command to your background color and set the pixel again.

As for sprites, they're not really sprites but images that can be set with the image command. You have to create them in a Rsrc file using bird or rsrcedit. Izibasic has some built in images, in the manual, under the imagebutton command. However, there is no image collision detection, so you have to be sneaky if you want to use it for a game.

I've posted a couple of programs under my web site with the code if you want to take a look at how image is used. I sent in a new program to aldweb but I don't think Laurent has posted it yet.

Laurent hope you don't mind me answering here, if I got anything wrong correct me.
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Answer n° 2
22/01/2005 @ 23:30
by aldweb



Of course I don't mind you answering, I even like very much that you take some of your time to answer!
This forum is not meant to have people ask and I answer. My wish has always been to have it become a place where all iziBasic users can share.

Otherwise, I just took the time to update your web site. Please find its direct link here:
And, again, my son will love to play with this 2nd game, which is really a great realization. Thank you for sharing it with everybody Leonard.


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Answer n° 3
23/01/2005 @ 21:27
by justin


thanks for the info guys. iv only started to program for a few days. the last thing i programed was comodor 64. as for colision detection you should be able to detect a pixel color right out side the edge of the object, in afew places and if color is anything but background it would be a collision. just a theory rightnow Im trying to make a lunar lander game. thanks all, Justin
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