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actif  Sujet n° 1039  Tungsten C editing tip!

le 06/01/2005 @ 22:18
par Jim


Here's a tip for anyone using a Tungsten C to edit iziBasic source code:

One HUGE annoyance I have when editing source code on my Palm Tungsten C is in entering a "=" character. It's used all the time in programming, but there is no simple way to enter it...until now!

Because the "=" character does not appear as a symbol on the Tungsten C's keyboard, you have to press the "Blue" button and then press the space bar (labeled "Symbol") which brings up an on-screen keyboard from which you can choose the "=" character as well as any other character.

To make life much easier, just go into Palm's "Preferences" and select "Keyboard". Tap on the "Remap keys" button and tap on the "." (period) key. Next, tap on "Remap" next to "Fn-press.=." on the lower right. A new screen pops up from which you can choose any other key to be mapped. Tap on "=" and tap the "Done" button. Tap "Done" again, and voila! you have the "=" character mapped to the "Blue" + "." key combination!

I chose the "." (period) key because by default, the "." character is mapped to both pressing and "Blue" + "." pressing.

Now, it's a snap to enter the "=" character!
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Réponse n° 1
le 06/01/2005 @ 22:47
par aldweb


Hey, Jim, that is the tip I used at first with my Tungsten C.
Especially, I needed the ";" character which is put at the end of each Pascal line (as iziBasic is coded in Pascal) and for this ";" character, I used the Blue + Euro key (Euro is same key as "W" on the French Tungsten C keyboard).

The only think I don't like in this trick is that I then spent my time remapping my keyboard.

I would love to find, or maybe will I have to code it myself, a software that would let me switch between 2 or 3 keyboard mappings according to my needs at a specific time: Am I developing? => switch to keyboard map 1, Am I writing an e-mail? => switch to keyboard map 2, etc...


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Réponse n° 2
le 21/04/2005 @ 19:04
par Jeff Hunt


Sadly this re-map option is not available on my Treo 600
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Réponse n° 3
le 22/06/2005 @ 20:16
par Netzley


Actually, there is an easy way on any Treo to hit alternate characters: hitting the # sign then 'alt' (which is the zero key) will pop up alternate characters, which for the '#' sign is '='. There are alternate symbols for almost any character, all accessed by typing a character then hitting the 'alt' key. Just look in the manual.
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