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active  Topic # 1008  Which Basic is iziBasic patterned after?

08/12/2004 @ 16:45
by John


I've wanted a particular application since I got my Palm and could never find it. iziBasic allowed me to write it myself with little learning curve or expense. Thank you for an excellent little compiler.

I fully understand your not wanting to re-write an entire Basic manual. However, what version of Basic was used as a basis for iziBasic? I'd like to get the manual for that version to fill in the blanks left by your manual.

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Answer n° 1
08/12/2004 @ 21:20
by aldweb



No, don't believe that I would not like to write a complete user manual for iziBasic, on the contrary I would love to have a full manual.
Now, this would require me a huge work in addition to working on the improvement of iziBasic which I believe is more important at the time being.

Now, to answer your question... you might be surprised!
I have been programming in Basic since 20 years or so, so I wrote iziBasic starting with no basis but my experience of many different Basic interpreters and compilers and trying to put the best of what I had found in all these different Basic 'dialects'.
I talk of Basic 'dialects' because this is, as far as I know, one of the programming languages that has the most evolved since it was invented (back in 1964 by Thomas Kurtz and John Kemeny) and that maybe is one of the less standardized!

This being said, the basics of Basic (sorry for the play on words!) are very similar from one Basic dialect to another one. This is why I focused the comments in the documentation on those things that are 'not common' (not to say 'not standard').

Would anyone find a good and free starters documentation, I think that it would be great to offer the link here to help people new to Basic.


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Answer n° 2
08/12/2004 @ 21:28
by aldweb


After I wrote my previous answer, I wanted to learn some more.
A quick search provided me with the following links to get an idea of Basic's background:

In English:

En Français :


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