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active  Topic # 1004  63 character string limits

06/12/2004 @ 18:32
by Mike Featherstone


Where does the 63 character string limit come from? (I see it's on the 'roadmap' for iziBasic 4)

AsI'm currently using a T5 with its 'new' memory layout, this becomes an 'issue' as each 63 byte record takes up 512 bytes of storage space - a 12.3% memory utilisation rate!
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Answer n° 1
07/12/2004 @ 21:46
by aldweb


All string variables, A$­­-Z$­­ and A$­­(n), are limited to 63 characters in iziBasic (just like in many other compilers/interpreters, it is almost a 'standard').
Currently, all files accesses are running with such variables. So, this is where the limit comes from.

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Answer n° 2
07/12/2004 @ 21:53
by aldweb


Sorry, Mike, I only answered half of your question!

I don't have the chance to own a T5, so I cannot check my sayings... but I am pretty sure of them.

From what I understood so far, even if the T5 reserves 512 bytes for each record, if you saved a record of 63 bytes long, when you retrieve the first 63 bytes, you will get them as they are the significative ones. Indeed, all bytes after the 63rd are filled with 'garbadge' or 'fake' characters.
So, you should not see any difference, except that your memory available decreases much faster on the T5 than on any other Palm device, but this is common to all software running on the T5.

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