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actif  Sujet n° 981  Scroll bar

le 04/11/2004 @ 12:53
par Daniel


I need use a scroll bar because need scroll the screen of my program, to show more elements.

How implement scrollbar in iziBasic, is posible ?, i don't see this in the GUI section of the manual.
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Réponse n° 1
le 04/11/2004 @ 19:12
par gmigueis


Standard scrollbars are not implemented yet, I think! Anyway, it is pretty easy to use two buttons with up/down arrows and use the HIDE/SHOW and UPDATEPOS instructions! With more work, but yet possible, is to use images and create custom looking scrollbars using the PENX/PENY instructions to detect if the arrows are tapped or the bar dragged...
Maybe Aldweb will introduce scrollbars in version 4
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Réponse n° 2
le 04/11/2004 @ 21:27
par aldweb


Indeed, scrollbars are not implemented yet.

I have been thinking of standard scrollbars since version 1 of iziBasic... but I have always postponed their implementation. Just because... I had to manage priorities and I knew there was a workaround to get to have scrollbars.

And, dear gmigueis, you exactly explained very well the best way to do it


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