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active  Topic # 967  Et voilà une nouvoteé (pour moi)

11/10/2004 @ 08:53
by roberodo


Sorry Heureux webmaster,
I have just purchased the izibasic and
my practice on the french language (the written) is worst than I supposed.
My esperience come from the first TandyRadioShack 80 up to the quickbasic that I used on old macs.
By consequence I lost many simple rules.
One, for instance,: the PRINT command > how is possible to address where print on the small palm screen the argument?
many thanks at the moment
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Answer n° 1
11/10/2004 @ 20:18
by aldweb


Ciao roberodo,

Prossima volta, mi puoi anche scrivere in Italiano Anche se è molto meglio in Inglese. Cosi, tutti quanti possono seguire la discussione...
Alora, ti rispondo in Inglese:

iziBasic comes with a basic console mode. PRINT just prints a single line, one under the other until it reaches the bottom of the screen. Then, all lines are moved up to allow the last line to be printed. You reset the printing with the CLS statement.

So, basically, you have 2 ways to print somewhere on the screen:

The first one
=> Using this basic console mode
CLS:PRINT:PRINT:PRINT"      7th character on 3rd line"

The second one
=> Using the GUI mode, which is the main advantage of iziBasic over some competitors
LABEL #1,"anywhere I want",50,70

Cordiali saluti,

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